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WIPO-AUTM International Knowledge and Technology Transfer Leadership Summit 2022

WIPO-AUTM International Knowledge and Technology Transfer Leadership Summit 2022

Submitted by Efua Halm on Fri, 21/10/2022 - 11:10


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A two-day WIPO-AUTM International Knowledge and Technology Transfer Leadership Summit 2022 was jointly organized by WIPO and AUTM at WIPO Headquarters in Geneva on October 13 and 14, 2022.

In total 36 technology transfer leaders from 29 countries and territories gathered to discuss topics such as global perspectives on knowledge and technology transfer, diversity and inclusion across the innovation ecosystem and models of government funding. 

During his “Ask Me Anything” Session, the WIPO Director General, Mr. Daren Tang, shared his thoughts on the role of WIPO in bringing IP closer to users and producing more concrete impact on entrepreneurship, particularly young startups. 

The Summit was an opportunity to open “Hot Topics” such as the relation between Open Science and IP commercialization, and to focus more in depth on the issues of diversity and inclusion in innovation ecosystems as well as on government funding of technology transfer activities.   Knowledge and technology transfer should be driven by social purposes, focusing on diversity of users and impact on the global community.  Diversity was seen as an advantage for innovation promotion and participants agreed that while governments play a key role in inclusion processes, immediate actions can be taken in academic institutions through new business models, specialized structures to enable inclusion and creation of successful role models.

The session on government funding gave the forum an opportunity to exchange views on existing models, accountability and eligibility criteria for the stakeholders and the meaning of government support for knowledge and technology transfer. Coming from different backgrounds, the participants were able to enrich their knowledge of existing funding models worldwide and to get some insights on how to potentially improve government funding in their own countries.

WIPO and AUTM confirmed their commitment to continue their partnership based on the very encouraging results of this year’s Summit and to engage in inclusive global technology transfer collaborations and social venture worldwide. The necessity of working at both the international policy and practical levels to develop and implement solutions for issues raised during the Summit was emphasized.

A summary of the session will be made available soon and will be the starting point for the preparatory work that the WIPO Technology Transfer Team is starting with the AUTM Team for future cooperation.

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