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Scholarly Communication and Research4Life

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Scholarly Communication and Research4Life

Submitted by Ituku Elangi Botoy
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Gracian Chimwaza is the Executive Director and founding director of ITOCA (Information Training & Outreach Centre for Africa) of South Africa. He is a development executive with over 25 years of leadership experience in capacity development, research and project management initiatives in many African countries focusing on information research, ICT’s, project monitoring & evaluation, knowledge management and exchange programmes working with Higher Education, CSO’s and research & development sectors.

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Reply by Mussadiq HUSSAIN

Thank you for a comprehensive overview of Research4Life programs. Could I please know if there is any training material available or assistance provided on the use of databases made available under these programs?

Reply by Vipin Saroha

Dear Mr. Chimwaza, thank you sharing the presentation.  My question is related to access to R4L program. Can a professor who has access to R4L program download the articles and share with his students for educational purposes without any restrictions?


In reply to by Vipin Saroha

Academic and teaching staff may make copies in print or digital form of articles for course packs. If the copies are supplied in digital form, these electronic copies must be deleted from the university server at the end of the semester. Like any digital resources the copyright rules apply and scholarly library resources can be used under 'fair use’ and ‘research and study’ exceptions apply on Research4Life programs resources. As a general rule you may download and save limited numbers of articles or chapters from any journal issue or book if the selection does not exceed 15% of its contents. See the license.