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Webinar and Ask the Expert: “Post-deal” issues: Managing alliances and collaborations

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Webinar and Ask the Expert: “Post-deal” issues: Managing alliances and collaborations

Submitted by Efua Halm
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Meet your Expert:

Mark Wilson is a consultant in the field of technology commercialisation, with twenty-five years’ experience of developing, commercialising and licensing novel technologies in the pharmaceutical industry.

Over the last five years, he has acted as a strategic adviser or interim business development director for a number of European biotech firms, has worked as the senior industry consultant for the UK Government’s Better Health Programme, supporting bilateral government-level health system development activities in Brazil, Mexico, South Africa and SE Asia, and has provided commercialisation advice to several major European public bodies and programmes (such as European Institute of Technology - Health and the EU’s accelerator programme, Invest Horizon). He has provided strategic advice or support to technology incubators in Belgium, Portugal, Italy and the UK, and routinely coaches and mentors a number of early-stage biotech and med tech companies from across Europe.

Previously, he was a Director in GSK’s Platform Technology and Science division, seconded on a long-term basis into SR One (GSK’s wholly-owned corporate venture capital group). He was responsible for developing technology-based spin-outs and for out-licensing activity, and co-led this CEO-sponsored initiative. Mark worked for GSK in various licensing and alliance management roles for nearly twenty years and has been involved in over a hundred commercial transactions and alliances. He holds a Master's degree and a doctorate in chemical engineering from the University of Leeds, in addition to an MBA from Columbia University and London Business School.

Webinar intro:

Over the past twenty years, the importance of active and forward-looking management of key collaborations and strategic alliances has become widely recognised in the pharmaceutical and medical device industries, and the underpinning principles can be applied in many inter-organisation collaborations, across different domains. This presentation will address the fundamentals of partner selection, highlight best practices for the management of complex technology development collaborations (in light of the specific challenges that arise in developing novel technologies or products using leading edge science), and indicate helpful techniques for both avoiding and managing technical and commercial disputes.