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WIPO eTISC is a social platform which provides a secure space for the Technology and Innovation Support Center (TISC) community and intellectual property users to interact with each other and share knowledge and ideas.

Login to eTISC

Use WIPO account to access all features and services of eTISC. If you don't already have a WIPO account, create one by using the link below.

By accessing/using the eTISC platform, the user is agreeing to bound by these Terms of Use.

WIPO eTISC platform – sharing knowledge

eTISC is a social network to enable its members to collaborate, exchange information and access new learning opportunities.

Join eTISC to:

  • - get instant access to the Global TISC network via forums, national TISC groups and popular photo service;
  • - participate in TISC events (discussion forums, webinars, TISC missions/workshops);
  • - stay up-to-date with the eTISC news blog;
  • - Helpdesk for TISCs and ARDI/ASPI programs.