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First-ever WIPO new game-based learning on patent analytics launched!

First-ever WIPO new game-based learning on patent analytics launched!

Submitted by Efua Halm on

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Pretoria, South Africa

January 23-25

The first-ever game-based learning on patent analytics was launched at a training workshop in Pretoria, South Africa. The training was organized in collaboration with the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC).  

During this training workshop, the WIPO IP Analytics Section launched WIPO’s new game-based learning on patent analytics that was developed with House of Knowledge (HoK) to develop a serious game for training in patent analytics. 

By way of an introduction, serious games are educational or training games that are designed with a primary purpose other than pure entertainment. They are created to teach specific concepts, skills, or knowledge while maintaining the intrinsic motivation and engagement that games often provide, and make learning more enjoyable, interactive, and effective. The board game introduces patent analytics and the development of patent landscape reports in a fun and accessible way.

Mr. Christopher Harrison, Head, IP Analytics Section stated, "It was great to play our new board game, ‘Patent Quest: Navigating Innovation Horizons’, to such an enthusiastic group - there was plenty of laughter (and dancing!) during the game and it was fantastic to see educational content about IP delivered in such a fun and accessible way. We very much look forward to playing our new patent analytics game with others across the world in the future!"

Here's to more serious fun and games!