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Access to scientific and technical literature through Research4Life programs

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Access to scientific and technical literature through Research4Life programs

Submitted by Vipin Saroha
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Chat with Mr.Lenny Rhine, Ph.D., the coordinator of the ‘E-Library Training Initiative’, on access to and use of the Research4Life programs. 

Short CV of this session´s expert:

Lenny Rhine, Ph.D. is the coordinator of the ‘E-Library Training Initiative’, a Librarians Without Borders® /Medical Library Association (LWB) project. 

The project’s principal activities are conducting workshops and the developing/updating training material for HINARI ( – a collaborative WHO and Partner Publishers project for access to 15,000 health e-journals, 47,000 e-books and 100 other resources for institutions in low-income countries. 

Since 2007, Lenny has conducted 70+ HINARI and Research4Life workshops in 40 countries and developed more than 20 training modules.  He also updates the training material for the Research4Life ( ) partner programs in environmental research (OARE) and innovation and development (ARDI). 

Lenny also coordinates the LWB/EF Research4Life Grant awards.  Since 2016, 12 ($4-6,000) proposals have been funded.  The projects range from R4L workshops to the development of videos and a course in Developing Systematic Reviews in resource-poor environments.

From 2002 – 2014, Lenny also was the compiler of the ‘Essential Health Links’ gateway that contains over 800 annotated links for health professionals in low-income countries.

A University of Florida emeritus librarian, he has worked with libraries and health information professionals in low-income countries since 1990 concentrating on the delivery of electronic information.

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