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IP and start-ups

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IP and start-ups

Submitted by Vipin Saroha
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Introduction: Chat with Muthu Singaram, CEO, IIT Madras HTIC Incubator, Founder of VibaZone, Belief, Co-Founder, Venture Coach, Accelerator U.

The topic of this "Ask the Expert" session will be "IP and Start-ups)". A presentation on the topic can be found below. Muthu will be happy to share his expertise with you and answer your questions.

Muthu is Co-Founder of Venture Coach,  Accelerator U , Ultimate Startups, Founder of Muthu Singaram Consulting, VibaZone, Belief, CEO of HTIC, Med-Tech Incubator IIT Madras, India.  He has an Electrical and Electronics Degree, an MBA in Multimedia Finance, is a Chartered Electrical Engineer (UK ) and European Engineer, PhD Scholar at IIT Madras, India, and has over 25 years of work experience in Engineering, Management and Entrepreneurship. His last two assignments was a multimedia development corporation, while he was the Project Director at British Telecom Asian Research Center it filled 10 patents and 16 publications, is on WIPO and UN panel for technology transfer and SME, and is speaker in the areas of innovation and entrepreneurship around the world.


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