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Non-patent literature and Open Access

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Non-patent literature and Open Access

Submitted by Vipin Saroha
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Introduction (English)

Chat with Dr. Marie-Pierre Vidonne

The topic of this "Ask the Expert" session will be "Non-patent literature and Open Access" and our expert is Dr. Marie-Pierre Vidonne. Her presentation can be found here. Marie-Pierre will be happy to share her expertise with you and answer your questions.

Short biography:

Dr Marie-Pierre Vidonne has more than 20 years’ experience in Research and Development both in public and private sector. She’s now active in the strategic information. Her strengths are linked to searches and analyses of scientific technical information and patent landscapes in order to anticipate developments and adapt enterprises to new challenges. She gives training sessions in search methodology, monitoring tools and open access publications. She’s also active in several Wikimedia projects and teaches how to become a Wikipedia contributor