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WIPO launches IP-YES!

WIPO launches IP-YES!

Submitted by Efua Halm on

June 2024

In its pursuit to build a more inclusive IP ecosystem and in particular to reach out to communities that have previously been underserved by the IP system, including young people – the innovators and creators of tomorrow, WIPO has launched its first-ever Intellectual Property Youth Empowerment Strategy (IP-YES!).

To bridge the knowledge gap in IP awareness among youth aged 18-24, WIPO, through its new Strategy, will provide the knowledge, skills, and opportunities necessary for young people to thrive in the global IP ecosystem and beyond.

The Strategy focuses on three (3) key areas:

Sparking Passion: We will work to bring IP closer to youth, inspiring and promoting youth-led innovation and creativity;

- Building Skills: We will equip young people with the essential IP education, training, knowledge, and skills they need to succeed; and

- Empowering Action: We will create more meaningful opportunities for youth to apply their knowledge and make significant contributions in their fields of interest.

IP-YES! will provide strategic coherence to our broad efforts to equip younger generations with the IP insights, resources and skills required to succeed and drive positive social and economic change.

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