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WIPO Virtual National Patent Drafting Workshop for Chile

WIPO Virtual National Patent Drafting Workshop for Chile

Submitted by Efua Halm on

April 15-18, 2024

In celebration of 10 years of the National Institute of Industrial Property (INAPI) of Chile being a Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) International Search Authority, WIPO and INAPI jointly organized a drafting workshop on international patent applications, which was open to candidates from the whole Latin American region.

The workshop was attended by 40 participants coming from innovation support centers/hubs, universities and the patent agent profession. The workshop was opened by Ms. Marta Díaz, Legal Officer at the IP for Innovators Department (IPID) at WIPO and Mr. Henry Crew, Head of the PCT Department at INAPI. Participants of the workshop were pleasantly interactive and eager to learn, demonstrating the necessity of this type of training for them.

Invited experts delivered drafting topics and practical tutorials and further recommended continuing organizing such workshops, given the high level of commitment shown by the participants. Overall, the event was enriching and impactful for all, and we expect that some participants in this workshop be selected for participating in more advanced WIPO trainings such as the WIPO International Patent Drafting Training Program.